Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church

The tomb is empty.
Jesus is alive!

Join us for Easter!

March 31st at 9 AM

Christ has died! Christ has risen! Christ will come again! The grave could not hold our Lord. Jesus shattered the chains of death and appeared to his disciples with words of assurance; "Peace be with you!" Because of Jesus' resurrection, we too have peace. Death cannot hold us either. "Because I live," he says, "you also will live."

The Story of Salvation

God created
a perfect world

There was no sin, death, or suffering.

We have disobeyed God

Sin separates us from God.
God is holy, and must punish sin.

God loves you!

God did not leave us in our sins, but promised to one day send a Savior. At the right time, God sent his son, Jesus.

Jesus kept God's Law

Jesus lived the perfect life
we could never live.

Jesus died for us

Jesus suffered and died in our place,
bearing our sins on the cross.

Jesus did not stay dead

On the third day, Jesus rose from
the dead, just as He had promised.

Your sins are forgiven,
Heaven is your home

One day, Jesus will return and create a new home for all who believe in Him. There will be no more sin, suffering, sadness, or death.

God works all things
together for good

In this life, we will still have trouble, sorrow, and death. But we can trust that God is working all things for our eternal good.

Join us this Easter!

Celebrate the joy of
the resurrection with us!

Easter Divine Service
March 31st at 9 AM

Maundy Thursday

Divine Service @ 7 PM
Jesus institutes Holy Communion

Good Friday

Tenebrae Service @ 7 PM
Jesus' Seven Words from the cross

Easter Sunday

Breakfast @ 7:45 AM
Divine Service @ 9 AM


10151 Sappington Rd
St Louis, MO 63128

We’re located just off of I-270 in Sunset Hills, south of I-44 in St. Louis County, Missouri. Come visit! We’d love to welcome you.


Photo of Pastor Seth Georgson.

Pastor Seth Georgson
(314) 914-6457
[email protected]

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