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Followers of Jesus Bear a Cross

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Pastor Seth Georgson •

Jesus has taken up the cross of your sins. He bore their full weight on himself so that you might be freed from sin and guilt. He rose from death so that you would know that death is not your end. He’s the one who gives you the desire to follow him in the first place as he works in you through his precious Gospel. He’s also the one who gives you the cross to take up daily as you follow him. That might include facing persecution and suffering in this life, but at its heart, the cross we bear is just what he says, it’s to deny ourselves. If I’m no longer clinging to this life and to the sins I fill my life with, my hands are free to cling to Jesus. I don’t need to live for myself when I know that Jesus lives for me. I’ve been buried with Christ in baptism. I die to sin every day. His own holy body and blood are my food to give me life in him.