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Faith Trusts Jesus Even in the Face of Death

The Third Sunday after Pentecost

Pastor Seth Georgson •

Jesus is our compassionate Lord. It was his compassion that led him to come into this world to take our place under the law. It was his compassion for us that led him to the cross to suffer for our sins. It was his compassion for us that led him to taste death, to die on our behalf. When that day comes that we do face the chill of death and Satan says, “It’s all over. No one’s going to save you. You’re all alone now.” We have this comfort that where we go our compassionate Lord has gone before. And we can even go farther than that. We can say, “No, Satan. I’ve been here before. I was buried with Christ in baptism. I died with him. I was crucified with him. And now because he lives I live forever.”